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About Us

In 2018, after passionately working for more than a decade in and around the brewing industry, along with being a home brewer for years, Matthew Peetz decided to open Propagate Lab in Golden, CO with a focus on customer service, honest pricing, and an unbeatable quality product. 

From working at the Brewing Science Institute to doing Bio-Fuel research at GEVO, Inc., Matthew has propagated yeast from both a home brewing scale all the way up to a seven-figure scale – working with proprietary yeast strains and cultivating yeast production at scales unheard of in the craft brewing industry.

With a background in fermentation and biology, and a Masters degree with an emphasis on Cell Biology, Matthew’s extensive resume makes him and his team uniquely qualified to provide you with the highest quality yeast without the markups used by larger facilities. 

What We Do

Propagate Lab is a world-class yeast propagating facility where each strain goes through rigorous quality control testing prior to being approved for sale. Whether you’re a home brewer or you work at a full-scale commercial brewery, we have over 120 varieties of yeast available for shipping – or you can stop by our lab to pick some up in-person.

If you’re curious to see how your yeast is being grown or have a question about yeast, stop by and we will walk you through the process. Want to brew beer with yeast isolated from your beard, backyard, or begonia? We would love to help you do that too! We aren’t stuffy, white lab coat kind of people – we get excited about the creativity that yeast can bring to your next beer, and we’d be thrilled to talk to you about it.

At Propagate Lab, we’re proud of the products and services we provide, and we stand behind every strain. If you’re looking for a specific strain and you’re not finding it within these pages, reach out to us and we’ll try and help!