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Foggy IPA

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Performance Data

Similar in ester production to MIP-110 but slightly less attenuative, this yeast leaves a very enjoyable “pillowy” or “velvet-like” mouthfeel to complement the [ester flavors] of the strain.

Origin: Boddington IsolateAttenuation: Mid 70's
Flocculation: Low-MediumTemp Range: 64-72
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium-High

This yeast is available in both commercial and homebrew pitches

Yeast Substitutions

We have found Propagate Lab's Foggy IPA to be comparable to the following commercial and homebrew strains:

Omega: Omega
BSI: None
White Labs: London Fog Ale
Wyeast: None
Imperial: None

These are recommendations based on yeast performance under similar conditions. Contact the yeast producer for more information on substitutions.

1 review for Foggy IPA

  1. Greg Matthews (verified owner)

    I’ve been in the industry brewing for almost 20 years. In that time I have used every supplier of yeast in the U.S. I feel privileged to have a company like Propagate providing my yeast. Quality to bar none. Thanks to the team at Propagate for providing such a quality product and in a timely fashion.

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