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Colorado Kolsch

Performance Data

A favorite of local Denver brewers, this yeast was isolated by our founder for continued use in the brewhouse. This strain produces a clean Kolsch with very mild pear flavors similar to jelly beans at warmer fermentation temperatures. What makes this strain stand out is that is flocculates well and the brewer can produce a clear Kolsch without additional time or filtration.

Origin: Goldspot Brewing - Hausbrau Ale IAttenuation:
Flocculation: LowTemp Range: 56-65
Alcohol Tolerance:

This yeast is available in both commercial and homebrew pitches

Yeast Substitutions

We have found Propagate Lab's Colorado Kolsch to be comparable to the following commercial and homebrew strains:

Omega: Omega
BSI: None
White Labs: None
Wyeast: None
Imperial: None

These are recommendations based on yeast performance under similar conditions. Contact the yeast producer for more information on substitutions.

1 review for Colorado Kolsch

  1. Zach N.

    It was great, my favorite kolsch yeast i’ve used.

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