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Zinc Yeast Supplement (1 kg)

Performance Data

Propagate’s Zinc Yeast supplement is a complex, high zinc nutrient used to increase yeast health, improve fermentation, flocculation and repitching performance.

Use at boil or fermentation, especially with high gravity wort.

Dosage: 0.5-1 g/bbl

Usage: Add nutrient powder to water and mix until fully dissolved before adding.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry environment at 18°C (65°F). Once opened, keep sealed and dry.

Origin: Attenuation:
Flocculation: Temp Range:
Alcohol Tolerance:

Yeast Substitutions

We have found Propagate Lab's Zinc Yeast Supplement (1 kg) to be comparable to the following commercial and homebrew strains:

Omega: None
BSI: None
White Labs: None
Wyeast: None
Imperial: None

These are recommendations based on yeast performance under similar conditions. Contact the yeast producer for more information on substitutions.


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